Friday, July 26, 2019


A new 30 Day OH NO Challenge will begin August 1st.  It was inspired by a meme I saw floating around the internet asking if you could avoid a list of food items for 30 days! It's different from my previous challenges. It simpler in the rules and just 30 days! Although you don't need a team for this one, it will be more fun with local friends/families so don't be afraid to share the link! 

Here are the details: 

April Kennedy’s 30 Day OH NO Challenge!

No Chips
No White/Red/Purple Potatoes*
No Ice Cream
No Fast Food
No Fried Food
No Chocolate**
No White Bread/White Crackers***
No Soda/Juice/Energy Drinks/Alcohol
No Cakes/Donuts/Pastries
No Cookies or Candy

It’s simple….eat an item on the NO list, count it as a point. Each week you will turn in your current weight and the number of points you ate from the NO list. I will figure your percentage of weight loss, multiply that number by 20 to get your points earned, and deduct any points you turn in for eating items from the NO list. If you report on time each week, you will earn 1 bonus point! Registration fee is $30 and it is non-refundable once the challenge begins. ($20 goes into the pot and $10 is my facilitator fee.) We will have winners in both male and female categories. Prize amounts will be determined by how many challengers we have. Registration fee may be made via Paypal ( ...send as money to a friend so there isn't a fee) or via Venmo @April_Kennedy.

Each week you will have two free negative points to use and one time during the 30 days you may take a free day (meaning you can choose a day to eat whatever you want and you don't have to deduct any points from the NO List. If you have a birthday/anniversary this month you are allowed one slice of cake or equivalent! Enjoy!!

*Sweet potatoes ok

**Chocolate protein powder/cocoa powder/cacao nibs all ok

***I would suggest avoiding as much white flour/pasta as possible but only white bread and crackers made with all white flour will count towards a point deducted.

Registration open now until July 30th! 

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