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If you are interested in joining the next challenge running August 6th - October 1, 2016,
please do the following:

-- Read all information below.

-- Put together a team of 4 people

-- Once you have your team together and have completely read everything below, 
click on the registration link to enter all info below:

(please keep reading below!)


Make your Team Payment (directions below)
Payment Info:
Once you have sent your registration with team information,
Please send your payment via paypal to

It would be ideal if the team captain could send one payment of $120 for the whole team.
If that isn't feasible, then please send payment with your name and team name included.
**When sending money via paypal please check sending money to friend
so we aren't charged fees and include your TEAM NAME. 
Thank you.

If you don't have a paypal account, then you can send a check in the mail to:
April Kennedy
10 Packard Ct
Napa, CA 94558
(again please make sure your name and team name are noted)

I will send a welcome email to everyone Thursday, August 4, 2016!
REMEMBER...once you complete registration, your registration pop up box will
include a link to the Food Lists to share with your teammates!

-- If you are having difficulty putting together a team of 4, register as an individual 
and I will help you find a team!

Last day to register is WEDNESDAY,  AUGUST 3RD, 2016.


60 Day {Body, Mind, Spirit} Challenge
(points and percentage based weight loss challenge)

This challenge is designed to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and daily, personal growth. It is a simple plan of healthy eating and healthy living that can result in possible weight loss and gain of healthy habits. This is not a FAST weight loss system...slow and steady wins the race. Typical weight loss has been .5-2 pounds lost per week. My first challenge, I lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks and have kept it off for good. 

Organize a team of 4. Think of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers – you can even be from different states! Each team will figure out how to work together to achieve its goals.  You will pick a team captain and team name. You will all be your biggest form of cheerleaders to each other. All teams compete for a final cash prize at the end! While I facilitate this challenge and do my best to encourage you and motivate you and share helpful hints throughout the challenge, that is not what your registration fee pays for. Your team should be your motivators as well as other challengers in this challenge. 

The cost to participate is $30 per person/$120 per team.  If you have been looking to make a change in your eating/exercise habits and believe you have what it takes to be a member of a competitive team, we’d love you to be part of this challenge! Whether you have a few pounds (or more) to lose, or if you wish to build stamina and strength, it will be fun for all. Your $30 includes a $10 registration fee and the rest will be up for grabs to winners in different categories both for teams and individuals. Amount of winnings will depend on number of participants. That will be determined and shared the first week of the Challenge. While this is a competitive challenge in nature please note the winnings are a bonus….the true spirit of this challenge is personal lifestyle change and healthier eating and exercise habits. Not all results will be the same for each person but if you follow the challenge closely you should see some pretty exciting results.

Each participant will be provided point charts. (You will print them off yourself.) These charts will aid you in recording daily points for the different categories and will be provided to you the week before the challenge begins.

The Thursday before the challenge begins, you will receive a welcome email from me with all instructions for the challenge. On the first day of the challenge each individual will send me their starting weight. I will keep this completely confidential. This will be the only time you will provide me with your exact weight…at the beginning of the challenge to determine percentages to be able to award winners in different categories of the challenge. We will never show your actual weight anywhere in the points reporting!

Remember this will be a team effort. Please pass the word about this fun challenge of health and self-improvement…..the more people who join, the more teams, the bigger the prize money and the more fun we will have!!

My Info:
April Kennedy
10 Packard Ct, Napa, CA 94558

Rules – 60 Day {Body, Mind, Spirit} Challenge

Everything is based on the honor system!

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the challenge! Actual prize money will be determined once we know how many teams will be joining the challenge. Winners will be in the following categories: Overall Team with the highest points and overall team with the highest average of percentage of weight lost. Overall Individual weight loss winners based on percentage of weight lost and overall inches lost winners. Depending on size of group top 3 individuals could possibly win money. Most challenges average a pay out of over $2000 to winners in all different categories!!

You must track points daily on the point tracking charts that will be sent to you each week. Weeks will run from Saturday morning to Friday night with weigh-ins and points reporting every Saturday morning. Total your points and turn them into YOUR TEAM CAPTAIN as early as possible Saturday morning. SCORES ARE DUE to me by 12:00pm PST by the team captain. Team Captain, in your email please include each person on your team with their individual points and also your total team points! I will announce the individual and team standings for the week via email on the following Monday. Teams who submit points on time will receive a 5 POINT BONUS to their weekly team score. I am the ONLY person that can add this 5 point bonus. Do not include them in your total points. Scores posted in a timely manner are VERY important!!

You do not need to report your actual weight to your Team Captain. Your beginning weight will be sent to me via a google docs link by you to determine percentages of weight loss at the end of the Challenge and kept confidential. 

Points are earned for the following categories:

 Daily Positive/Good Food: You will use your food lists for this portion. Earn 10 points by adding 1 point for each serving of positive food eaten.  You MUST eat 10 positive good foods every day.  Points are all-or-nothing in this category.  If you don’t get all 10 points/servings you cannot count any of them. Five (5) of these points though can be five of the daily fruits & vegetables points below.  You can eat more than one serving of the same positive/good food! Typical example of food on the positive list are 100% whole wheat grains, lean protein, low fat dairy, soy, fish, fruits & veggies, and beans just to name a few. This challenge works just as well for meat loving people as it does for vegetarians and paleo loving people. The food list will not be distributed until your team is registered.

 Daily 5+ Fruits & Vegetables: Earn 10 points if you eat a combined total of 5 fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to count the fruits and veggies from the positive food list you eat also. For example, if you eat a banana, you get one POSITIVE FOOD point and one FRUIT/VEGGIE point. You MUST eat a combination of 5 fruits/veggies to get the points. All or nothing!

Daily Negative Food: See food list. Subtract 2 points for every serving of food eaten off the negative food list (over the 2 freebie limit.  See “Freebies” at end of Rules). No maximum. L We are not tracking calories, but they do add up! 

 Daily Water Points: Earn 10 points for drinking plenty of water every day. Requirement:
§  Week 1: 32 oz (4 cups) daily
§  Week 2: 40 oz (5 cups) daily
§  Week 3: 48 oz (6 cups) daily
§  Week 4: 56 oz (7 cups) daily
§  Weeks 5-8: 64 oz (8 cups) daily

Daily Exercise: Points are earned as follows:
§  20 Points for 30 minutes of exercise. Points can be earned for six days and points are also earned for your rest day. One rest day is required.
§  Anything more than 30 minutes = GOOD FOR YOU!

You may earn up to 140 points per week for exercise. That is 6 days of exercise plus points for your one day of rest.

Daily No Eating After 9:00 PMEarn 5 points if you eat NOTHING after 9:00 p.m. The idea for this point category is to eliminate the snacking after dinner and before bed! (However, you can have one serving of a fruit or vegetable or a small protein shake and not have it count against you if you have exercised after 8:00 pm.)

Daily Personal Prayer/Mediation/Relaxation: Earn 5 points for daily personal prayer/meditation/relaxation. If you don’t pray, spend a few minutes in quiet meditation or breathing relaxation techniques. There is a close relationship between your body and your spirit. Strengthen your spirit as you strengthen your body.

Daily Inspirational Thought/Scripture Reading:  Earn 5 points for reading a daily inspirational thought or daily scripture study.

Weekly Bonus Activity/Random Act of Kindness:  Earn bonus points by performing the weekly Random Acts of Kindness and a Bonus Activity that will be on your weekly Points Chart. I believe in being kind. I believe it is important. These random acts of kindness will hopefully help you think of others and feel good offering help/service. The bonus activities are meant to stretch you mentally, physically or spiritually.  {These challenges will be included In your weekly point charts provided you right before the challenge begins.}

 Weekly Weigh In** :  Weigh yourself at home every Saturday morning. We are no longer adding points for weight loss. Weight loss will strictly be recognized by percentage lost. You will submit your total pounds lost at week 3 and week 6 when you report your weekly points to your team captain those weeks. I will translate that into percentage lost and show standings at week 3 and week 6 for percentage of weight loss!

Freebies Everyone will be given 4 free negative food points per week. This means you can eat 2 servings  (because one serving equals 2 negative points) off the negative list and not have them count against you. You don’t have to eat anything bad if you don’t want to.  Example of 1-serving off the negative list:  small French fries at McDonald’s, in a paper holder.

Free Meals
If you have an anniversary or birthday during this Challenge you are allowed ONE free meal.

LABOR DAY will be a free day!

You may also have a free meal if you do a big event, i.e. a 5K, 10K, big hike, etc. but it would need to be a tough challenge for you. Be real honest with yourself about this one. You still want that exercise to count and not be wasted on unnecessary calories!

FREE DAY: During the Challenge you may choose ONE FULL DAY to eat whatever you want on that day. Give yourself the MAXIMUM NUMBER of points that day – 65 points. Some people choose to hold onto this day in case of illness to use that day. 

SICK DAY: During the Challenge if you become too sick to eat, drink and do your exercise you may use ONE Free day but it may only be used if you are too sick to participate that day. It does not give you free reign to eat a free meal.

Fast Sundays – LDS Members
On Fast Sundays you do NOT have to eat all of the food requirements. Instead, you will shoot for 1/3 of the requirement, which is 2 fruits/veggies and 4 positive foods. Keep in mind that fruits/veggies count as positive food points, so it will be easy to get in the other 2 good foods you need. If you eat these minimum requirements you can give yourself the 10 points for the Positive Foods and 10 points for 5+Fruit & Veggies.

If you are not LDS, you are welcome to skip two consecutive meals with us. If you would like information about the fasting please ask April or another member of the Mormon church. If you are not fasting those days, they count as normal days during the Challenge.

Helpful Hints 

§  Plan to get the 500 challenge points each week. If weight loss is your goal, you will likely lose it easily if you get the base 500 points each week.  

§  Try to exercise first thing in the morning. It helps jump start your metabolism and increase brain power throughout day! Mix up your exercise with some weight training. You will start to notice a little more weight melt off. Tricking your body is key to weight loss when you feel like you have come to a stand still.

§  Watch your serving sizes! Also check how many calories there are in the foods you eat. For example, not all nuts are created equal. But remember, you do not need to count calories on this challenge!

§  Try to eat fruits and/or veggies with each meal. Introduce new fruits and veggies to your diet to add interest and variation!

§  Eat good-food packed meals and snacks. Great examples include omelets with veggies, sandwiches with lots of veggies, or smoothies with yogurt, milk, fruit, and veggies.

§  There are quite a bit of foods on the positive list that you shouldn’t eat all day long. Bananas, Pineapple, Avocados and Nuts are all really good for you but only in moderation. Also if you have a bread product at breakfast, avoid bread for lunch and possibly dinner. Just because bread is on the list, you shouldn’t have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think this choice alone contributed most to my dramatic change in my waist measurements!

§  Try to limit or cut down on artificial sweeteners. Learn more about them and you may want to cut them out completely!

§  Update favorite recipes to healthier versions so you can get more good-food points/reduce bad-food points. For example: Add extra veggies to prepared spaghetti sauces, casseroles, skillet meals, or pastas. Yogurt or applesauce can be substituted for oil in recipes, or avocado can be substituted for butter.

§  Measure the required number of ounces of water into one big pitcher and drink water only from that pitcher. When it’s gone, you’ve gotten all your water! Target has those bigger plastic lidded cups with wide straws. They are 20 ounce cups. So easy to get all your water in with a couple of refills. Also, I find I drink more water from a straw versus and open mouth bottle. I also take it everywhere with me. I drink the most water while in the car. In the beginning I was also visiting every public restroom wherever I went!

§  Download the app Map My Walk and use it every time you exercise. It let’s you pick…walk, run, bike, etc and it keeps track of your time, your miles, your split times and my favorite…calories burned which I consider an added bonus. Don’t forget to set up your profile and record your weight in there for calories burned. And don’t forget at about week 6 to go back and in and reset it with your new LOWER weight!

§  When eating out ask for replacements for negative foods that might come with your meal. Steamed veggies for potatoes, fruit for bread. If they don’t offer a substitute, ask them to leave it off your plate so you aren’t tempted. Do not eat everything on your plate. Serving sizes at restaurants are bigger than what you would normally eat at home.

§  While traveling or on vacation instead of fast food stops, try to find a grocery stores instead. There are lots of choices at a grocery store that you won’t find at fast food that are still pre-packaged and easy to eat on the road! For a road trip, pack your car with healthy foods and snacks so you are tempted at the gas station! Or pick up a small bag of almonds at the gas station if you still feel you need a ‘treat’.  Beef jerky is another great option while travelling!

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