Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My First Challenge Results!

**this is the original post I did after I completed my first challenge last year **
15 pounds lost. 14 inches gone. All in 60 days.
It happened. For reals.
And Dave lost 21 pounds and 15 inches.

And we are starting another round.
Want in?

It was relatively easy.
I mean it was a commitment to healthy eating and exercising
but completely doable!
The first two weeks were the hardest.
Giving up soda for Dave and sugar for me.
But the results were amazing.
And did I mention this 60 day challenge is easy to follow?
And exciting to watch the weight loss happen at a healthy rate!

I lost 2 inches off my thighs. My most problem area!
And 4 inches off my waist. 3 inches off my chest.
3.5 inches off my hips and 1.5 inches off my arms. 
People started noticing and commenting and that was so exciting.

My tummy was flatter without doing one sit up.
And speaking of tummies....
Dave lost 7 inches off his waist. 
Most noticeable in his t-shirts.

We chose what form of exercise we did each day with a day off each week.
We started with walking, then hiking and ended running.
Amazing. And our kids joined in often.
That is what I love about this program, kids can benefit from it too.

This is how it works in a nutshell.....

You compete in teams of 4.
There is a pay-in of $30 per person that includes a registration fee and winning money in the end!
Winners will be in multiple categories including points earned and percentage of weight lost.
Keeping it fair for everyone. Level the playing field.
Team winnings and individual winnings.
Pay-out depends on how many join the challenge.
I will be facilitating this 60 Day Challenge {Body, Mind, Spirit}

There is a positive food list to eat from that you earn points for.
You earn points for eating 5 servings of fruit + veggies a day.
There is a neutral list of foods.
No points earned. But no points lost.
And a negative food list. Points lost.

Points earned for exercise each day.
Points earned for meditation/prayer/relaxation.
Points earned for reading scripture or inspiration thought each day.
Points earned for each pound lost.
Points earned for inches lost.
Points earned for drinking a certain amount of water daily.

And my most favorite....
Points earned for Random Acts of Kindness.

I have tweaked the program that I participated in for this next challenge just a bit!
The main changes are adding percentages for weight loss,
reducing the daily activities to Weekly Random Act of Kindness,
and requiring 30 consecutive minutes of exercise!

Do you want in?
Email me at

Get your team together!
It works best if you compete with 4 people that you know.
But if you can't come up with a team, I can help pair you up with someone else 
needing  teammates!
We are hoping to start as early as next week.
I promise....that now is the time to take the challenge.
There will never be a great time to start eating healthy and exercising.
But once you do you will feel so good....Body, Mind, Spirit!

We were out of town during this challenge a few times and still ate out pretty often.
This is the most doable weight loss challenge I have every participated in!

And just for is the best before pic I had.

I filled out every inch of that sweater, those jeans are now baggy on me and my face isn't so round.
I just wish I had taken my before picture in workout clothes.
But I didn't because I didn't have any work out clothes that fit!
Now I wish I had stuffed my butt into them for great before/after pics.

So c'mon...what are you waiting for.
Email me.
It will be fun to challenge each other.
Encourage each other.
Find four friends and take the challenge.
The more the merrier!

60 Day Challenge {Body, Mind, Spirit}